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3 Most common nutrition mistakes to avoid

You can’t out-train a poor diet. And calories cling to you even when you don’t want to acknowledge them. So we have some smart ways to examine few nutritional swaps and enhance your body composition.
You excessively depend on whole foods and water, but like most things in life you should consume them in moderation.
You don’t read nutrition labels thoroughly, whereas you should. Manufacturers aren’t always honest. They don’t make products keeping your goals in mind. So they resort to cheap additives and cost effective methods to increase their profit margin. Do your research and read labels before you buy a product.
You usually don’t look for quality fat in your product. You look for the quantity.Choose products that contain naturally occurring fats and skip the ingredients made in laboratories

The ideal training mindset- how to lift better in the gym every time

The ideal training mindset- how to lift better in the gym every time

How many times have you stepped into the gym, absolutely confident, raring to go, lusting after the iron, impatient to lift the most you can? How many times have your problems disappeared when you get that weight up, how many times have you felt absolutely majestic after watching the veins in your body pop out when you give it everything you’ve got?

For most of you, it cannot be very common. This is because most of the commercial gyms in India are targeted at casual trainees with no dedication to training, and no care for nutrition. They come in, they work out as if they are paying their dues, and spent most of their time in the gym doing the same thing they did the last time. You, being the lifter who actually came in hoping to break personal records, end up suffering. Because the majority of gym culture actually encourages this behavior, there is no escape. But there is a solution.

Visualize yourself as the person you want to be after years of training

If you are looking for serious muscle, you need to feel like you can fight a war when you enter the gym. You need to focus, block all the mediocrity around you, and get your training instincts up. All you must see is the weight, and see yourself work it out.

Listen to music that truly inspires you

Here, music can come to your aid. Listen to music that inspires you; not what you listen to for fun. Listen to the sort of music that makes you want to give it everything when you train. You shouldn’t be coming to the gym to socialize, or make friends. That may come as a byproduct, but don’t let it get in the way of your training.